How to write eye-catching headlines and video titles for your videos.

Headlines and video titles are extremely important because they are the first piece of information that you communicate to your viewer. They can literally make or break your campaign.

Recent statistics show that a good headline or video title has the potential of increasing the number of clicks to your video by 300% to 500%

Let’s assume you have made a video which brings value to your audience…

if only they watched it.

It goes without saying that people will only watch your content if there is something in it for them:  they have to get something out of it.

The headline's job is to communicate “that something” effectively.

The underlying mechanics of a headline

The headline is a promise to your audience. It’s the benefit you’ll deliver in exchange for a professional’s valuable time.


So, how to do this work in practice? These formulas will bring you ideas.

The “How To” Headline

It’s almost impossible to write a bad How To headline. But what comes after these two words can make all the difference.

Your organization is implementing a new IT system:
“How to save time and get things done”

Your customer is worried about cash flow:
“How to protect you bottom line”

The “List” Headline

This kind of headline builds on your authority and demonstrates mastery in your area of expertise.

Your department has won a prize:
“Discover the 3 reasons of our success”

You organize a seminar on wealth management:
“There are 6 types of investors, which group are you in”

The “Social Proof” Headline

This headline aims to communicate to the reader that what you are proposing is the social norm and, therefore, safe. Using expressions like“Who else wants…”, “You too can…” invite readers to become a part of something socially accepted as good.

You are organizing language training in your organization:
“Who else wants to learn French in less than a month? Find out more”

You introduce a product in a new country:
“Over 10’000 Swiss sleep better thanks to our method, why not you?”

The “Method” Headline

The “Here is a method that is helping…” headline is easy to set up and gives excellent returns. Identify your target audience and the benefit you can provide them.

Your IT team has designed a new backup system:
“This method reduces backup time by 2 hours”

You are promoting a new housing development:
“This method helps prospective homeowners reduce their tax rate by 25%”

The “Burning Question” Headline

You want to inform your colleagues about the business. Which burning questions do your viewers struggle to get answered? Which hot debates are going on in your industry? Use the question as your headline and provide an in-depth answer in your post.

Your HR department needs to respond to a general feeling of insecurity:
“Will what we do today still be relevant in 3 years?”

You want to help your customers understand the future:
“Will automated investment services replace wealth managers? ”

Three ways of making your video effective: Promote. Promote. Promote!*

Having a great video is only part of the job. The other part is inciting your viewers to watch it.

In this article we have shown how powerful headlines are key to the success of your video, and have listed some of the major types proven to have an impact.

Doing all this effectively may require you to get some help.

*did you see what we did?

Being an “informed” buyer is best

Understanding the fundamentals leads to better videos, and – most importantly – to higher video viewing rates.

Most of all, it empowers you to ask your video supplier the right (tough) questions. We want you to be an “informed” buyer of video services.

And to make you even tougher ☺, we have written a whole series of “Video Views Booster” articles. We recommend you start with this one How to get more views on your internal communications video.

If you have a pressing need involving video, we are just a phone call away. We like being helpful… and we love answering tough questions.

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