Are you ready to produce your Corporate Video?

So you know that you want to make a video for your department but how do you ensure it's going to achieve your business objectives? Before getting started on your corporate video project, make sure you can answer the following questions. Answering these questions prior to starting your project will help guide you when deciding on the distribution channels, video length and format, and ultimately, producing your corporate video.

Why do you want to create a video?

What do you hope to achieve from the video?

Who is your target audience? (For example, clients, potential clients, employees)

What are the needs of your target audience and how will your video help them? (What's in it for them?)

Where do you plan to use the video? (such as Events, Conferences, Training)

How do you plan to promote the video? (like your Company website, Intranet, Social Media)

When the video will be used and for how long does the content need to remain relevant?

The content of your video is critical and is driven by who your target audience are, what their needs are and the actions you are looking to drive.

In the age of social media, attention spans are getting shorter and as such it is important to ensure that you do not overload the viewer with information that is too detailed or not relevant for them or they will switch off. Don’t try to make them an expert in a subject, focus on the objective of what you are looking to achieve and three key takeaways that you want the viewer to retain.

It is important to hook your audience at the start. From experience we have seen that people decide within the first three seconds as to whether or not they will watch your video. It’s important to capture their attention in those initial moments but respecting the rule of staying relevant. Grabbing attention for the sake of it with a stunt will likely create a negative perception. Try to be relevant and give them a reason to keep watching, to do this it is critical that you empathize with the viewer (know your target audience!) and understand the problem or need they have the video is helping them with.

Preparation is key and in this post we have focused on being clear about the objectives of your video communication. You will find links to other articles below that will help you prepare for the shoot day itself as well as other actionable advice that will help you achieve success with your video.

To increase the likelihood of achieving your objectives with video, you may wish to consider developing a video strategy to help you deliver results that you can measure.