The challenge of how to get your video seen is a common question faced by organizations. Whilst well known services like youtube and vimeo offer great solutions which might meet your needs, they are often blocked inside companies.

It is for that reason that we partnered with the Danish firm 23video to offer a solution to our clients. The solution allows organizations to have their own videosite and easily manage, distribute and analyze their videos online, all using their own visual identity and being in control of their content. There are no restrictions to work around, and you can host an unlimited number and length of videos.

The 23video platform is fully customizable and allows you to match every detail of your website design, it integrates with major social sharing sites, so you can syndicate content to other networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., but you can also restrict the access to certain IP addresses or require users to login. It includes an analytics dashboard to help you stay on top of your videos performance, and your videos can be played in all platforms, including iPad, iPhone and Android

Obviously, it depends on your needs and there are other enormous benefits to hosting on other platforms such as Youtube, which is now the world's second largest search engine which we can also help with getting you up and running on.

How you distribute and market your video content is a strategic decision and depends on your objectives. Google adwords campaigns are a great way to go if you have the budget and promotion via social media sites such as Linkedin and Facebook also give you the possibility to target your marketing efforts to ensure a better chance of success.  It all depends on what you want to achieve and we can help you through that thought process.