So you've managed to get an email address, a business card, a good lead, maybe even a first purchase, but what next? How do you keep your customers engaged and coming back for more?

The web is the perfect vehicle for staying in touch with your customers and content marketing is a very effective mechanism to do so - give your customers information that is going to be truly useful to them. It is a great way to build authority in your field, to show your expert status and to also help your customers in their day to day life with your expertise.

It's how to build relationships with your clients online; building trust and believing in reciprocity. You can be rest assured, if you have provided a prospect with great information, the next time a similar problem arises, they will think of you.


Melitta Campbell is an independent communications consultant with more than 20 years of experience. She works with large multinationals and NGOs and continuously makes an effort to give the best possible service. To help her clients, Melitta produced this video to provide tips on how to write content for the web.

Having worked with many agencies during my corporate communication career, I can say that SoMoney are a great choice. I was impressed by their diligence and attention to detail, which they successfully balanced with a relaxed and confident approach that quickly signalled that I was in good hands. I’m more used to writing scripts and content than being in front of the camera, but the team gave me a very clear briefing before we started which helped put me ease and ensured the filming went smoothly. Thanks to their expertise and skilful post-production, I’ve had lots of great feedback on the final video.
— Melitta Campbell, Business Owner