The results delivered are absolutely amazing and have enabled us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Based on our ongoing experience, we would highly recommend So Money as a video partner.
— Talent Manager, Human Resources, SGS

The campaign "Raise Your Game" was designed to appeal to candidates with the desired personality traits to help SGS achieve its strategic objectives.

The films in the campaign use still images, which are brought to life using the powerful parallax animation technique. The result emulates the emotionally charged effect of a slow motion sequence, which strengthens the story each image tells.

Through the narrative, we encourage the viewer to reflect on their abilities and challenge them to apply for a new job at SGS.

The videos from the campaign have been nominated for the best recruitment video in the European HR excellence awards.


The primary aim of the video series over the next 3 years is to help drive applications from candidates with the desired personality traits to support SGS in achieving its business goals.

More specifically, the campaign’s focus is to get attention and raise awareness about SGS as a potential employer and put the company on the radar of candidates who may not have considered a career at SGS.


SGS already had a number of video marketing assets addressing people already considering the company as an employer (such as employee testimonials). Therefore, the strategic decision was taken to aim this campaign at people earlier on in their job searching journey who are not necessarily aware of SGS as a career choice.

Based on the desired personality traits, we identified 6 different profiles and designed one video to speak to each profile.

As the target audience is digitally aware and due to the increasing influence  of Linkedin as a Job search tool, this has been the primary distribution point for the videos.

We opted for an online campaign due to the ability to target the audience with a high degree of precision and, as workplaces become increasingly digital, this allows us get in front of people in a work context.




The videos were launched one video per week on social media and hosted on Youtube and Facebook as well as on Twitter. For Linkedin, the links to videos were posted on the company page.

As a first phase, the videos have been launched with a captive audience via the SGS social media platforms. We now have data points to suggest which videos have been most effective to best allocate future media spend.


Within the first month, the videos had received 13,857 views across Facebook and YouTube, by placing only on the SGS Social Media channels. The posts on Linkedin proved to generate the most interest with candidates asking how to apply for jobs at the company directly from the comments section of the videos.

The next phase involves a targeted social media placement plan. 

The video series was shortlisted at the European Excellence in HR awards for best employer video of 2016.