A key role of many NGOs and International organizations is to raise awareness amongst the wider population and educate target communities.

Use video to showcase the great work that your organization is doing. Present your cause, showcase your experts and highlight the important work that your organization is doing.

Video is an excellent tool to help your community members improve their knowledge and perhaps improve their standard of living through access to information and education.

There are various tactics regarding formats that can be applied depending on the information you wish to transmit and you may wish to produce an animation, a personalized tutorial or perhaps a recorded lecture to help you achieve your goals. The choice is yours!


For GHEF, we produced a series of videos on the topic of Health Equity. Through the videos, we worked with the foundation to help explain key topics such as Equity Gap Analysis for the target audience, which is largely professionals from the medical world.

The experts from So Money worked diligently on understanding our content and were able to produce a clear and simple video series to explain the complex topic of Global Health Equity.
— Dr Tayeb Alhafez, Founder, Global Health Equity Foundation