NGO´s bear the responsibility of advocating for their issues and working closely with third party validators.

Video is an excellent tool to show inspiring stories of work being done by your NGO which can be used to influence opinion-makers, beneficiaries and supporters, among others.

With regards to formats it all depends on the message and emotions you want to transmit to your target audience. It may be that an animation works best for your needs or perhaps a personalized message from your foundation's ambassadors, we work with you to ensure you choose the right format to get the desired results.

CASE STUDY: global health equity foundation

This presentation video explains the work being done by the foundation with the aim of increasing exposure amongst governments and potential partner organisations.

The experts from So Money worked diligently on understanding our content and were able to produce a clear and simple video series to explain the complex topic of Global Health Equity.
— Dr Tayeb Alhafez, Founder, Global Health Equity Foundation