You have built a good relationship with your customer base and they appreciate your product or service. You now need to grow that relationship in a way that represents value for the client and simultaneously moves them along your own value ladder into higher value products and services.

Moving customers along the value ladder is a critical activity and there are many different ways to do so, depending on what your audience responds to best. We want to share our experiences with you, to help you create lasting and profitable relationships with your clients.


This Union Suisse is comprised of individuals working primarily in NGOs and Multinational Corporates. The event is organised by The Catalyx, a Geneva based innovation agency. By building The Union community, the organisers were able to increase their own exposure and showcase the positive experiences of exisiting member organizations and clients including Proctor & Gamble, DuPont and Swisscom.

So Money understood our objectives and developed a video concept that was completely aligned with our needs. They took the pain out of the creative process and it was refreshing to have such a strategic thinking agency partner. We have used the video to promote the organization to explain what we do to and it has been a useful asset for increasing our exposure amongst our target audience. We are delighted with the results, great service.
— Guy White, Managing Director, The Catalyx