When generation Y employees accept a job with your company, they have made an important choice. They believe in the vision of what your business does and they want to actively contribute to that vision. Today, companies are constantly evolving organizations of people eager to interact with one another and co-create to make the world a better place. They take pride in what they do and are the most important asset of any organisation.

And it's not just employees. With the openness of the internet, the feedback loop from customers becomes an important source of information that can help companies evolve and improve their products and services. It is important to engage them in your discussions, and create advocates for your brand online.

CASE STUDY: SIKA, 5 BIllion and beyond

Sika held an event to bring together Senior Management from around the world to discuss how the company would progress to the next level in it's strategic goals. This video was used to share the vision of the Management team with staff.