Gone are the days of top down communication and draconian structures. The traditional hierarchical pyramid has inverted and the most successful companies in the digital age allow their employees and customers to be heard such that corporations can evolve and continuously improve . Video is one of the most effective communications tool for creating a robust corporate culture and a great way to ensure your staff is fully aligned with the goals of your business.

Leaders exist everywhere in your business, use them to serve as the main advocates to inspire your internal and external audiences.

Showing people in action is a very effective tactic but there are also fantastic animations such as one of our favorites, the famous Girl effect, that can have a powerful impact on the minds and souls of your target audience. The secret of success  lies in the vision you want to convey, the video format you choose to deliver the message is ultimately a tactical decision. 

CASE STUDY: BANQUe paris bertrand sturdza

In the Private banking industry, trust is key. To embody this value in the video, we worked closely with the client to understand the motivations of the Senior team for creating their bank and to understand their vision. The result is a genuine communication from the Bank's Chairman who explains why he chose to work with the group.

So Money’s business experience was of great benefit in our initial discussions. They quickly understood our requirements, gave excellent advice and delivered a video that captured our philosophy and key messages. Very professional every step of the way and we are very satisfied with the results.”
— Karen Kupfer, HR Manager, Banque Pâris Bertrand Sturdza