Whilst technology has made it possible for Jonathan and I to work together efficiently every day even though we are separated by the Atlantic ocean and a six hour timezone difference, it's always a pleasure to catch up in person and we had a chance to do so last week in Berlin.

It had been a while since I traveled to a country where I don't speak the language and this visit was my first to Germany. Thankfully Jonathan speaks German pretty well and the Berliners all speak English very well indeed.

Berlin has a very cool vibe and you can feel it throughout the city. The architecture is decadent and there is a clear contrast in the buildings where east meets west.

Much like New York, I found the city very visually stimulating and was glad to have taken along my Canon 5D for the trip. Whilst walking around, we managed to capture some of the sights and put together a short 60 second clip of our short visit to Berlin.

In terms of highlights, I particularly enjoyed the graffiti at the East side gallery, some fantastic politically inspired and thought provoking art. At a time when there are those around the world looking at building walls with their neighbors, it was great to learn about the lasting historic significance of what happens when walls come down.

And the awards ceremony we were shortlisted for? Well, to quote one of Germany's finest philosophers, that which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger :)

We'll be back, Berlin. Enjoy the video. Danke.