We learned this week that the "Raise your game" video series we produced for our client SGS had been shortlisted in the category for best Employer Video/Image film at the European HR Excellence awards which will be held in Berlin in March this year. The competition is tough and if nothing else, we are proud to have been named as one of the finalists by the panel of judges.

The campaign we produced was designed to attract and recruit the right candidates for SGS. The films use still images which are brought to life with the powerful parallax animation technique. The result emulates an emotionally charged effect of a slow motion sequence, which strengthens the story each image tells. Through the narrative, we challenged viewers to apply for a new job at SGS.

The series of videos has parallels with our own journey and we thank Tanya and the team at SGS for taking the leap of faith to do something different in the recruitment video space. We wanted to focus on the emotions and the contemplation that each of us goes through when we take the decision to change job or make a big decision regarding careers and we are genuinely happy that the videos have been well received. You can learn more about the series we produced here

As for the awards themselves, we look to the words of the famous Vince Lombardi who said "Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing."

We add the caveat that if we don't win then, winning isn't everything J

See you in Berlin.

Here is one of the videos from the series: What would you do if you weren't afraid?