From a visual perspective, movement is hugely important in the films we make for our clients. How the camera moves can have an impact on how the audience perceives a scene so it is important to use this powerful element to enhance our films.

In each project, one of our aims is to bring the highest possible production values within the budget available and the use of sliders is a great way to do this.

A camera slider is a set of bracketed tracks that mounts to either a set of tripod legs or a light stand. The slider has a movable "carriage" that you can attach directly to a camera, or you can attach a tripod head between your camera and the carriage for more panning and angle options.

With the beautiful setting of Sutamarchan (near Villa de Leyva) in Colombia as a back drop, we thought we would test out the Konova K3 to show some examples of how to incorporate movement whilst enjoying the scenery. 

Music: "Joy & Emptiness" by et_ (et-official.com/) used under a creative commons license.