I remember the first time I met Grand Master Carol Middleton in Washington DC. I found her a fascinating person with a great story to tell. Whilst she is known as Sensei at the DC Self defense Karate Association, she is a 7th degree black belt and founder of one of DC's best karate schools.

As a parent, I wanted to find a healthy outlet for my kids and as they had already started training martial arts in Bogota, we wanted to continue with that here upon our arrival in the US.

Since my childhood, I had trained a number of different martial arts disciplines, but for me, I loved the approach at DCSDKA of how to train kids from an early age to deal with different conflict situations. I remember speaking with one of the instructors prior to starting with the group and how the approach for teaching kids aged 4 versus a 12 year old were different. It was a whole philosophy based around verbal and non verbal skills to defend yourself at different stages of life.

I felt it was important to capture the essence of the group and with the 40 year anniversary of the group coming up, it was a great opportunity to make a film, which was shown to the students.

Speaking with Sensei, it was also interesting to see how she viewed the use of video for her organization. In the world of online video, we are often tied into dogmas such as the "90 second rule" in terms of the audience attention span and optimal lengths for a video. Sensei explained that within her group, when people have crossed a boundary in terms of accepting their love for martial arts, they will happily devote greater lengths of time to learning more about their passion. We see this with Ted talks and lectures all the time, but it was great to see this in the context of a specialist organization. The video we produced was four and a half minutes in length and it was hugely rewarding to see the audience intently watching all the way through at the gala event.

It was a pleasure to make this film, for a wonderful group of people and we look forward to progressing in our journey as a family with the DC Self defense karate association. Enjoy the film!