We make sure that we are always practicing our craft and testing out new equipment, that we can keep bringing new creative ideas into the films we produce for our clients.

Our adventure into the US has been no different and we were delighted to collaborate with local band the Virginia Southpaws on a video for their debut Single "The Hound".

When I met with Mike and Rich from the band over a beer in Washington DC's Adam's Morgan, we talked a lot about ideas and in the end decided to go the Black and White route, inspired by the Guns 'n' Roses classic Sweet Child O Mine video that it turned out we all loved as we were growing up.

We filmed at Vanish Brewery in Virginia who were kind enough to have us. The setting was absolutely beautiful and I now understand why people talk so fondly about the Fall in the US.

The project was interesting in a number of ways, first I got to continue practice using the glidecam for steady moving shots as well as the slider. As you may have seen from previous posts we love incorporating subtle movements and we used this music video as a chance to work on our skills.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the project was the distribution of the video. We designed a mini campaign to help the band with specific objectives, such as booking new gigs, endorsements and with any luck, getting signed to a label. We helped the band build the workflow for their email sign up process, including giving away the single on their website (www.thevirginiasouthpaws.com) as well as optimizing the video for the different distribution platforms to help with ranking on Google and Youtube.

On Facebook alone, the video achieved 2500 organic views (no paid ads) within the first 24 hours and the video was shared 36 times. The Southpaws had 210 followers at the time, so this was a pretty impressive feat. The band managed to get the attention of some local radio stations and have already been invited onto a number of shows!  A win-win for everybody, the band managed to use the video to move towards their goals and we honed our skills to bring new gear into our client projects and gained more experience with running online video campaigns.

Thanks to Undeniable Boutique for styling our wonderful model Brooke! Enjoy the video!