A dance, a sport, a martial art, a workout, a game? However you look at it, Capoeira involves beautiful rhythmical movements as players perform elegant and acrobatic moves in the Roda (circle). In this game, there is no winner; you do it for the pure joy of playing.

The music and singing bring an almost hypnotic element to the game as your body moves to the sounds of the Berimbau as you anticipate how to react to the other players next move.

I have been fascinated by Capoeira for a long time and always wanted to make a film about it. The things a Capoerista sees when playing goes way beyond the pure acrobatics you usually see on youtube; I wanted the audience to see the details a Capoeirista sees when they are experiencing the game.

I used the film as an opportunity to test out some new camera settings and color grading techniques using a flatter image. Enjoy this film that we made for Capoeira Quilombo in Geneva.