How do you choose where to start an international expansion for your company? Do you look at the growth potential of your sector in a region? Where there is a pool of creative and ambitious talent? A large number of free trade agreements signed with developed regions? How about a place that the World Economic Forum considers to be one of the most innovative countries in terms of entrepreneurial ambition and innovation? All of the above?

We have been huge fans of Colombia for some time and have built some great connections with the Audio Visual community here over the past few years. We were recently asked by one of our agency partners to produce an online video series for a European firm entering into the Colombian market so a great opportunity to explore an expansion into a new market.

The project was great experience and we had the chance to work with experienced TV Directors and up and coming young talent from the country. We're excited to be here and want to be amongst the first overseas firms to help Colombia talk to the rest of the world through online video.