I was deeply touched when I heard how a typical day is for Leon, the son of my friends Matt and Veronique.

Leon is four years old. Just before his first birthday, he became increasingly unwell until he was taken to hospital in a critical, comatose condition. The paramedics tested for high blood sugars and his dangerously high readings meant he was quickly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Performing numerous blood tests throughout the day, relying on insulin injections, being careful with what he eats, when he's playing, getting over excited -  any number of things can affect his blood sugar levels and if not managed and monitored can result in dangerous if not fatal situations. A cure for the illness would be life changing for Leon and his family and no doubt for many others who suffer from the condition.

JDRF is the leading charity funding research to cure, treat and prevent Type 1 Diabetes. They provide information for children, adults and parents living with the condition, at all stages from diagnosis. They give a voice to people with Type 1 Diabetes and campaign for increased focus on, and funding for, research to find the cure. They work with academia, industry and governments to make sure that the research that they fund has the greatest possible impact on the lives of people with Type 1 now and in the future. They fund the best diabetes research wherever it is in the world and have made more progress in the last five years than in the previous 50.

Thank you for your support in helping us find the cure for Type 1 Diabetes. With your help, we can get there even quicker. That is why we are raising money for them at this year's Geneva Marathon.


To help with the fundraising, we produced a video and integrated the in-play interactive functionality (actions) of our new player to make it easier to direct potential sponsors to the donation page.

Thanks to Jonathan for giving his time to help me with taking the photos and executing the animations.

Check out the video and help JDRF make type one #typenone.