There is a lot to be said for running your own business and at times, there is a tendency to let other aspects of your life suffer when you get absorbed in something that you are passionate about. For me (Avik writing here), exercise is one of those areas that I had been making the excuse of “I don’t have time” and I know full well that it is a pretty lame excuse. Jonathan, to his credit, has kept up on his exercise since we embarked on our adventure and has put me to shame.

I love to take inspiration from great entrepreneurs and for me, there are few greater than Sir Richard Branson. Sir Richard’s approach to being more productive, energetic, confident, healthier, having more time, staying focused is simple:


Well, my wife and friends thought that I had been neglecting this aspect of my life since we took So Money full time and threw me an unexpected challenge: they signed me up to run the Geneva half marathon with exactly 4 weeks to prepare! 

After close to 2 years of little to no exercise, the thought of running 21KM was somewhat daunting but I was willing to give it a go. So, with an iPhone and a handycam I documented a mini video series to track my progress upto race day with my friend Chris.

Did I make it? Check out Episode 5 of #runfatso below to find out!